News quiz for week ending 3/26/10

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on March 26, 2010


A fact is something that can be verified and backed up with evidence. An opinion is based on a belief or view. It is not based on evidence that can be verified.

DIRECTIONS: Read each statement to determine whether it is a fact or opinion. Write fact or opinion in the blank.

1.  __________________ After the health care bill was passed, President Obama said “This is what change looks like.”

2.  __________________ Thirty-four Democrats voted with all of the Republicans in the House against passing the health care reform legislation.

3.  __________________ Sandstorms in China caused the worst “yellow dust” haze in South Korea this week since 2005.

4.  __________________ One of the cuases of sandstorms in China is deforestation.

5.  __________________ One of the ways Democrats plan to pay for the new health care bill is to increase the Medicare payroll tax on employee wages and salaries from 1.45% to 2.35% on individuals/couples making over $200,000/$250,000.

6.  __________________ The majority of Americans will be very supportive of the new health care law once they understand what’s in it for them.

7.  __________________ Republicans in the Senate introduced 30 amendments to the health care bill on Wednesday, only one of which passed.

8.  __________________ The new health care bill is a disaster for the country.

9.  __________________ In an effort to affect the price of gas, President Obama could open access to more U.S. oil resources, either on land or on the Outer Continental Shelf.

10. __________________ President Obama has done more than any president in the last 30 years to expand energy development.

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