This week’s quiz is a fact vs. opinion quiz. 
A fact is something that can be verified and backed up with evidence, e.g. Geraldine Ferraro was the first female vice presidential candidate in the U.S.  
An opinion is based on a belief or view. It is not based on evidence that can be verified, e.g. Electing a female vice president will improve our relations with countries around the world.

Directions:  Read each of the following statements about this week’s “Daily News Articles.” Write fact or opinion next to each statement. If it is an opinion, explain what part of the statement cannot be verified.

1. __________________ A recent news poll indicates that Iraquis are more concerned with unemployment and high prices than with sectarian violence or terrorist attacks.

2. __________________ Iraqis are more supportive of a democratic political system today than they were two years ago, due to al Qaeda’s suicide bombing attacks on civilians.

3. __________________ Spanish teenagers armed with only a $78 camera and weather balloon have managed to take photos of space from 20 miles above Earth.

4. __________________ The Spanish students’ photos from space were the most stunning display of student ingenuity ever seen in Spain.

5. __________________ Madagascar’s opposition leader, 34 year old Andry Rajoelina, took control of the country this week even though the constitution requires presidents to be at least 40 years old.

6. __________________ Three generals in Madagascar’s military rejected a move by the President Ravalomanana to transfer power to a military directorate and instead installed Mr. Rajoelina as the country’s leader.

7. __________________ One of President Obama’s top staffers told Senate staffers recently that the president’s cap and trade program could cost up to $2 trillion – almost three times as much as the administration’s earlier estimate of $646 billion.

8. __________________ President Obama gave such a low estimate early on to convince Senators to vote for the bill.

9. __________________ Considering his video message to Iran, President Obama is much better at negotiating with Iran than President Bush was.

10. __________________ President Obama will attempt to appease Iran by meeting their demands that the U.S. lift sanctions and admit past mistakes.

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