DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. __________________ Last week, members of OPEC and Russia met to discuss what to do after the coronavirus had lowered global demand for oil. Saudi Arabia suggested the participants collectively cut their oil production by about 1 million barrels per day, and that Russia make the most dramatic cut of around 500,000 barrels a day.

2. __________________ Putin rejected Saudi Arabia’s request; MBS responded by slashing Saudi Arabia’s export prices. That in turn brought the price per barrel down by about $11 to $35 a barrel — the biggest one-day drop since 1991.

3. __________________ The National Cell Phone Quiet Zone is a 13,000-square-mile area in West Virginia established to protect the sensitive radio telescope equipment at the Green Bank Observatory from interference.

4. __________________ For those who live within 10 miles of the Green Bank Observatory, the limitations also include a ban on Bluetooth devices and microwaves, unless they are contained in a metal box, known as a Faraday cage, which blocks electromagnetic fields.

5. __________________ Some 17-year-olds were allowed to vote in Colorado’s primaries for the first time this month – those who turn 18 by November’s general election were allowed to vote in the primaries due to the 2019 Colorado Votes Act.

6. __________________ A little over 45% of 17-year-olds registered to vote did so; at least 60% voted in the Republican primary while around 30% voted in the Democratic primary.

7. __________________ President Trump addressed the nation on Wednesday night about the coronavirus. At the very start of the outbreak, the president instituted sweeping travel restrictions on China, put in place the first federally mandated quarantine in over 50 years and declared a public health emergency.

8. __________________ In his address to the nation, President Trump announced, “To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 3 days.

9. __________________ Federal law enforcement authorities arrested more than 600 members of one of the world’s fastest-growing drug trafficking organizations, in a six month operation named Project Garter Snake.

10. __________________ Those arrested are members of Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, a cartel that is responsible for at least a third of the drugs entering the U.S. by land and sea.

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