1.  An engineer in Minnesota has developed a type of magnet that efficiently extracts the remnants of iron ore out of discarded rock (mining waste), which is then used to make:
a)  copper
b)  silver
c)  steel
d)  magnets

2.  The factors contributing to making Magnetation profitable include all but:
a)  the increase in the price of iron ore
b)  the increase in the production of electric cars which use less steel
c)  the dwindling amount of high-quality ore available
d)  the availability of enormous amounts of discarded rock containing small amounts of iron ore

3.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. ruled on Friday that when President Obama used recess appointments to fill National Labor Relations Board vacancies he violated the constitution because ___________________________________.
a)  the Senate was not truly in recess when the president made the appointments
b)  the recess appointments were filled by members of the Genovese and Colombo crime families
c)  no other president has ever filled vacancies during Senate recess
d)  no one liked the people the president chose to fill the vacancies

4.  President Obama’s NLRB appointments were different from past presidents’ recess appointments in that when he made the appointments, the Senate __________________________.
a)  was filibustering his nominees
b)  had not approved any of the nominees
c)  was not expected to approve any of the nominees
d)  was not officially in recess

5.  Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced this week that she is abdicating the throne for two reasons:
a)  this year marks the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
b)  her son doesn’t want to wait as long as Britain’s Prince Charles to become king
c)  she is turning 75 this week
d)  both a and b
e)  both a and c

6.  What is historic about Prince Willem becoming King of the Netherlands?
a)  he will be the youngest monarch to ever serve as king
b)  he will be the first monarch ever who is named Willem
c)  he will be the first king of the Netherlands in over 100 years
d)  he does not share the love of riding bicycles that his mother and grandmother had

7.  The U.S. Pentagon has approved a major expansion of its cybersecurity force over the next several years, hiring five times the number of personnel to strengthen the nation’s ability to defend critical computer systems and to:
a)  conduct offensive computer operations against foreign adversaries
b)  conduct pre-emptive strikes on the infrastructure of countries hostile to the U.S.
c)  conduct surveillance operations on Americans who they suspect of being involved with terrorists
d)  conduct drone strikes on foreign terrorists operating in the U.S.

8.  The cybersecurity plan calls for the creation of three types of forces under the Cyber Command.  Which of the following is not one of the three?
a)  “combat mission forces” to help commanders abroad plan and execute attacks or other offensive operations
b)  “national mission forces” to protect computer systems that undergird electrical grids power plants and other infrastructure deemed critical to national and economic security
c)  “corporate protection forces” to protect computer systems of corporations that make large campaign contribution donations to the current president’s party
d)  “cyber protection forces” to fortify the Defense Department’s networks

9. In 1970 children made up one third of California’s population.  By 2030 they will be _________ of California’s population.
a)  one tenth
b)  one half
c)  one fifth
d)  one percent

10. The population of California is experiencing a decrease in the number of children due to all but:
a)  the falling birthrate
b)  a reduced number of people migrating to California
c)  the number of child actors who forego Hollywood for Broadway
d)  an increasing number of senior citizens

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