1.  Which type of business has not been hurt by this year’s mild winter weather?
a)  clothing retailers
b)  restaurants
c)  businesses that sell snow clearing equipment
d)  fuel companies

2.  Local governments are benefitting from this year’s warmer winter weather.  Which of the following is not one of those benefits?
a)  save on wear and tear on roads and equipment
b)  save on heating costs for schools and other government buildings
c)  save on snow removal costs
d)  save on the number of days employees call in sick because it’s too cold to go to work

3.  The Federal Communications Commission last week overhauled two ____________________ programs for low-income Americans.
a)  telephone subsidy
b)  job placement
c)  automobile subsidy
d)  Apple laptop computer subsidy

4.  The FCC is overhauling the Link Up and Lifeline programs in an attempt to ________________________.
a)  give low-income Americans larger subsidies
b)  expand the size of their agency
c)  end massive fraud being committed in both programs
d)  reduce government spending

5.  In the town of Minot, North Dakota, an oil boom in 2008 started housing and labor shortages. Just as the city was starting to catch up on housing, ________________________________, causing a new shortage of homes.
a)  a tornado destroyed half of the residences in town
b)  the families of the oil workers moved into town
c)  half of the houses were taken over by eminent domain to allow the oil companies to build a giant pipeline
d)  the Mouse River flooded one-quarter of the city’s residences

6.  The destruction of so many houses in the town of Minot, North Dakota has hurt businesses because:
a)  people don’t want to go out to eat or shop anymore
b)  people don’t have money to make any purchases
c)  there is a shortage of workers due to the lack of places for them to live
d)  there is a shortage of oil in town

7.  The FAA Reauthorization Act passed by Congress this week includes a provision that the FAA establish a procedure for wider spread use of drones:
a)  for governmental and commercial purposes
b)  in every police department across the country
c)  by mattress inspectors to enable them to catch those who illegally rip the tags off their mattresses
d)  by border patrol

8.  The Reauthorization Act requires the FAA to establish a procedure for commercial unmanned drones controlled by remote operators on the ground to fly:
a)  in designated areas of national parks only
b)  in the same airspace as manned aircraft, including airliners, cargo planes, business jets and private aircraft
c)  in airspace currently only used by manned aircraft, except during rush hour
d)  in airspace previously limited to Google spy planes

9.  National Park Service officials have banned the sale of ________________ in the Grand Canyon national park, to take effect within 30 days.
a)  bottled water
b)  foods made with trans-fats
c)  sugary drinks
d)  any food sold in paper, plastic, aluminum foil, cardboard or styrofoam wrappers or containers

10. The officials have implemented the ban because:
a)  they can’t trust tourists to do the right thing on their own
b)  they say sales of these items are spoiling the view
c)  they say it will improve the health of all visitors
d)  they say this will eliminate the litter problem in the park

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