DIRECTIONS:  Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement.  Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1.  __________________ In the fight for Marjah, Afghanistan, Taliban fighters frequently dropped or stashed their weapons when they were done fighting for the day and left the area, knowing the American and Afghan forces would not shoot unarmed people.

2.  __________________ Coalition forces routinely refuse to compensate Afghan civilians for property damaged or destroyed by the fighting in Helmand province.

3.  __________________ The “Boneyard” is a nickname for a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service, which are then sold to the highest bidder.

4.  __________________ Tucson, Arizona was chosen for the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) because of its dry climate which reduces corrosion.

5.  __________________ A U.S. District court in Florida ruled this month that a student’s suspension and expulsion from class for launching a Facebook page criticizing her teacher was not legal because it falls under the wide umbrella of protected speech.

6.  __________________ Two cases in Pennsylvania where students created MySpace pages with false and malicious depictions of their principals had opposite outcomes, as only one ruled that the school had the right to discipline the student.

7.  __________________ The raising of the U.S. flag this week in Marjah, Afghanistan symbolizes the coalition victory over the Taliban, and the Afghan government’s return to control of the area.

8.  __________________ The Taliban was able to take control of Helmand province two years ago because the local Afghan police implemented corrupt and brutal practices.

9.  __________________ The Bakken Shale in North Dakota has helped the state to surpass Texas, Alaska and Claifornia in oil production.

10. __________________ The oil output from the Bakken Shale has increased rapidly in the past two years due to improved drilling techniques.

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