1. Legislation passed the House last week, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, that would exempt Native American casinos from a federal labor law allowing workers to:
a) unionize
b) receive a minimum wage
c) say “Merry Christmas”
d) take paternity leave

2. ______________________ oppose the legislation.
a) Native Americans
b) casino employees
c) the majority of the House
d) labor unions

3. U.S. presidential candidate _________________ visited two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan over Thanksgiving weekend in an effort to better understand the crisis.
a) Jeb Bush
b) Ted Cruz
c) Ben Carson
d) Donald Trump

4. The candidate was surprised by the response from Syrians he talked to. He said, “I had an opportunity to talk to many of the Syrian refugees and ask them, ‘What is your supreme desire?’ And it was pretty uniform:
a) They want to go to Texas
b) They want to go back home
c) They want to go to Europe
d) They don’t care where they go

5. The COP21 objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. One hundred forty seven world leaders spoke on the opening day of the COP21 this week. Each leader was allotted _____________________ to speak.
a) 30 minutes
b) 30 seconds
c) 3 minutes
d) 3 seconds

6. In his address to the COP21 on the opening day, President Obama spoke for approximately 14 minutes. ________________ other world leaders went over their allotted time.
a) No
b) One
c) All
d) A few

7. At a House Armed Services Committee hearing this week, Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responded to a question about President Obama’s recent statement that ISIS is contained by:
a) saying that President Obama is 100% correct
b) pleading the Fifth
c) saying we need to annihilate ISIS, not just contain them
d) admitting that the United States has “not contained” ISIS

8. Gen. Dunford also said that ISIS posed a threat beyond ________________________, to countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan.
a) Iraq
b) Syria
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor b

9. _________________________ is Israel’s highest honor for non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during WWII. Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds is the first American serviceman to be awarded this honor. Prior to Edmonds’ award, of the 26,000 people who have been given this designation, only four were Americans, and they were either clergy or volunteered for rescue groups.
a) “Courageous Among the Nations”
b) “Hero of Israel”
c) “Righteous Among the Nations”
d) “Mensch”

10. Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds is being recognized by Israel because in 1944, as the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer held in a German POW camp, when the camp commander ordered the Jewish soldiers to step forward, Sgt. Edmonds ordered more than 1,000 Americans captives to step forward with him and brazenly pronounced: _________________________. He would not waver, even with a pistol to his head, and his captors eventually backed down.
a) “We are all Americans”
b) “We are all Jews here”
c) “You must obey the Geneva conventions”
d) “You’re not the boss of us”

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