1. Which president signed a bill into law creating a federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.?
a) Ronald Reagan
b) Jimmy Carter
c) Ted Kennedy
d) Bill Clinton

2. In his “I have a dream” speech delivered in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., from which book did Dr. King quote?
a) the Koran
b) Shakespeare’s Macbeth
c) the Bible
d) the Autobiography of Malcolm X

3. After receiving an email that the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) sent to all athletic directors in December, high school officials reminded students that certain chants during games are considered inappropriate sportsmanship. __________________ then started an online petition protesting the WIAA’s sportsmanship guidelines, asking the WIAA to allow some of the most common chants including ‘you can’t do that,’ ‘fundamentals’ and ‘air ball,’ saying they “are not inappropriate in any definition of the word!”
a) students
b) parents
c) teachers
d) athletic directors

4. School officials told students the consequences for violating the guidelines include all but:
a) forfeit games
b) fine each student $1,000
c) stripped of playoff games
d) kick the school out of the state tournament

5. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed this week to review President Obama’s executive actions that would block up to 5 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally from being deported. The plan has been tied up in court since _________________, mainly led by Republicans, challenged the legality of the plan.
a) 16 states
b) 1 state
c) all 50 states
d) 26 states

6. ______________ is leading the states involved in challenging the President’s executive action. The lower courts have ruled that the state has the right to sue because at least 500,000 people living in _______________ would qualify for work permits and thus become eligible for driver licenses, the cost of which are subsidized by the state. “[Our state] would incur millions of dollars in costs,” the state said in its brief to the Supreme Court.
a) California
b) New Jersey
c) Florida
d) Texas

7. The Associated Press released a report confirming what church leaders and Middle East preservationists had feared: the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq – over 1,400 years old – has been completely destroyed by ISIS. The AP was able to positively confirm this by using recently requested __________________.
a) photos from ISIS leaders
b) emails from ISIS fighters
c) satellite images
d) eyewitness testimony

8. The Christian monastery, St. Elijah’s, joins a growing list of more than 100 religious and historic sites looted and destroyed by ISIS, including mosques, temples, tombs, shrines and churches. Ancient monuments in the cities of Nineveh, Palmyra and Hatra are in ruins. Museums and libraries have been pillaged, books burned, artwork crushed—or trafficked. As they have taken control of large parts of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State fighters have destroyed whatever they consider:
a) frightening
b) inspiring
c) worthless
d) contrary to Islam

9. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted this week that Iran will use some of the money they get from sanctions relief to fund:
a) oil refineries
b) terrorist groups
c) gas pipelines
d) their bid for the next Winter Olympic games

10. Secretary Kerry defended his admission about Iran’s use of the money with which one of the following reasons:
a) after paying off their debt and modernizing its energy sector, the government won’t have any money left over for funding terrorists
b) Iranian leaders have promised him personally that they would not give any of the money to support terrorists or terrorist activity
c) if they do so, the U.S. will lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council asking them to censure Iran
d) Iran knows if they use the money to support any type of terrorist activity, they will have crossed a red line

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