1.  General Motors CEO Dan Akerson announced in early December that GM will buy back the ______________, GM’s electric car, from any owner who is afraid the car will catch fire.
a)  Zap
b)  Zip
c)  Shock
d)  Volt

2.  Recent crash tests performed on GM’s electric car by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration resulted in several of the cars catching fire days or weeks after the test.  When one of their electric cars is in an accident, GM’s policy is to _________________.
a)  text the owner and tell him/her to move away from the vehicle as quickly as possible
b)  send a team out within 48 hours to drain the car’s battery to prevent fires
c)  send one of their lawyers to the scene of the accident to prevent lawsuits
d)  deny any knowledge of potential problems with the electric car’s battery

3.  After thousands of Russians rallied this week to protest fraudulent parliamentary elections, President Medvedev:
a)  ordered the military to disperse the crowds with force if necessary
b)  ordered an investigation into accusations of electoral fraud
c)  agreed to re-run the elections
d)  vowed to hunt down and imprison every protester who insulted Vladimir Putin

4.  Russians believed the election was fraudulent in favor of:
a)  Prime Minister Putin’s party
b)  Gary Kasparov
c)  implementing Sharia law
d)  Josef Stalin

5.  Some local police departments have begun using drones that they say are a benefit – they do all but:
a)  lower expenses for the department
b)  make a policeman’s job safer
c)  save officers’ time
d)  spy on citizens

6.  Government agencies with the exception of _________________ have begun requesting drone permits.
a)  public high schools
b)  federal law-enforcement agencies
c)  police departments
d)  public universities

7.  The _________ voted unanimously this week on rules by which the CALM Act will be enforced.
a)  DHS
b)  FCC
c)  EPA
d)  FBI

8.  The CALM Act requires:
a)  advertisers to ensure that the volume of commercials does not annoy viewers to the point that they change the TV station
b)  all TV advertisements to stop portraying men as morons
c)  TV stations and cable and satellite operators to ensure that the average volume of a commercial does not exceed the average volume of the programming around it
d)  weather forecasters to stay calm in the days/hours leading up to a predicted snowstorm, hurricane, or other weather event

9.  Early sound recordings by Alexander Graham Bell and others, which had not been heard for ________________, were played publicly for the first time Tuesday.
a)  more than a century
b)  more than a decade
c)  more than a millennium
d)  more than a year

10. The sound recordings of Alexander Graham Bell and others are only able to be played now _______________________.
a)  because the copyright laws have expired
b)  because they were recently discovered
c)  because of new technology
d)  because after years of searching, the Smithsonian was finally able to locate a gramophone

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