1. The NYPD announced this week that it has purchased and will use drones in all but which one of the following situations:
a) for accessing hard-to-reach crime scenes
b) for routine patrol or traffic enforcement
c) during search-and-rescue operations
d) to monitor pedestrians and traffic at large public events

2. The NYPD purchased 14 drones: 11 small drones for tactical operations and two large weather-resistant drones with features that include thermal imaging capabilities, a powerful zoom camera and 3D mapping. One drone can be used for training and testing. _______________ with the department’s Technical Assistance Response Unit have been trained to use the drones and will operate them.
a) community organizers
b) police officers
c) drone enthusiasts
d) neighborhood volunteers

3. Police arrested dozens of suspected mobsters in a huge international swoop targeting Italy’s notorious ‘Ndrangheta mafia clan in Europe and South America on Wednesday. The mobsters were arrested for:
a) counterfeiting
b) drug trafficking and money laundering
c) auto theft
d) human smuggling

4. The day before the ’Ndrangheta arrests, Italian police arrested the new boss of the _______________ and dozens of other suspects in Sicily in a major operation. The mobster was detained with at least 45 others just before he was due to be appointed official heir to notorious boss who died in prison last year.
a) Medellín Cartel
b) Triads
c) Cosa Nostra
d) Sinaloa Cartel

5. The House Judiciary Committee questioned Google CEO Sundar Pichai this week over allegations of employees’ _______________ bias and how that may unduly influence the company’s business practices.
a) anti-conservative
b) anti-socialist
c) anti-big government
d) anti-abortion

6. One committee member asked about “allegations that Google manipulates the algorithm to favor the political party it likes.” A recent Pew poll found that a majority of _______________ believe social media companies intentionally censor viewpoints they find objectionable.
a) Democrats and Republicans
b) Democrats
c) Republicans
d) Democratic Socialists

7. President Trump signed an executive order at the White House this week establishing the Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which is aimed at helping:
a) the migrant caravan
b) newly elected Democratic members of Congress
c) MS-13 gang members to reform
d) economically distressed communities across the U.S.

8. _______________ will lead the council.
a) Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin
b) former Attorney General Jeff Sessions
c) Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
d) Hillary Clinton

9. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US will push the UN Security Council to toughen it’s stance on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He pointed out that Iran is doing all but:
a) harboring al Qaeda
b) arming terrorists in Lebanon
c) working on a nuclear program solely for energy purposes
d) supporting Taliban militants in Afghanistan
e) training and equipping Shia militias in Iraq

10. The two permanent members of the UN Security Council that will oppose the U.S. on Iran are:
a) the UK and Russia
b) France and the UK
c) France and China
d) China and Russia

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