1. A report just published found that _______________ is the most plausible explanation for mysterious and debilitating neurological symptoms experienced by dozens of American diplomats and intelligence operatives beginning in 2016 in Cuba, China and other countries.
a) a strange coincidence
b) patients all suffering concussions
c) directed microwave radiation
d) chirping from the Indies short-tailed cricket

2. Symptoms of the mysterious illness experienced by diplomats range from nausea, headaches, dizziness, loss of balance and _______________. A 2019 US academic study found “brain abnormalities” in the diplomats who had fallen ill.
a) hearing loss
b) hair loss
c) insomnia
d) amnesia

3. __________, __________ and __________ actively oppose a bill passed in the U.S. House that bans products made in China using forced labor.
a) Huawei, Tik Tok and Weibo
b) YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat
c) Amazon, Facebook and Google
d) Nike, Coke, and Apple

4. The U.S.’s “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act” would ban U.S. companies from importing most goods made in Xinjiang – where the communist government led by Xi Jinping has been accused of mass human rights violations – unless companies can prove that the goods weren’t made using _______________.
a) forced labor
b) cheap materials
c) inexperienced employees
d) dangerous chemicals

5. A dozen members of the U.S. House’s Freedom Caucus held a press conference on Dec. 3 asking Attorney General Bill Barr to:
a) investigate the claims of election fraud
b) ignore calls to investigate claims of election fraud
c) declare Biden the winner
d) investigate Trump

6. There are 196 Republican representatives in the House. The majority have:
a) called for a congressional recess until January 21
b) not taken a vocal stand on the widespread claims of election fraud
c) told the 74 million people who voted for Trump to “move on”
d) kept quiet, hoping Trump will go away

7. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has moved from California to _______________.
a) Miami
b) Seattle
c) Portland, Oregon
d) Texas

8. Musk is one of the highest-profile executives (and innovators) yet to leave California recently. His move underscores a growing discontent, particularly among wealthier tech professionals, with _______________.
a) high taxes and government overregulation
b) earthquakes and wildfires
c) Hollywood “celebrities”
d) high crime and homelessness

9. President Trump announced on Thursday that the U.S. had brokered a deal between a 4th Arab country, Morocco, and Israel through his regional diplomacy plan known as the _______________.
a) Absolom Accords
b) Abraham Accords
c) Isaac Accords
d) Ishmael Accords

10. The Trump administration also expects an additional Muslim Arab country will normalize relations with Israel – and named _______________.
a) Syria
b) Iran
c) Turkey
d) Saudi Arabia

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