1. Local governments are selling naming rights to public places in their municipalities to raise money  ________________.
a) for office Christmas parties
b) to buy I-pads for every public school student
c) for their budgets
d) for bonuses to reward the hard work they did to balance their budgets

2. Public places whose names are now up for sale include all but which one?
a) schools
b) parks
c) train lines and bus routes
d) local court buildings

3. A group of female employees is suing Wal-Mart on the grounds that they received less pay than men in comparable positions, despite having higher performance ratings and greater seniority.  In its appeal to the Supreme Court, Wal-Mart has argued that all of its female workers – divided among 3,400 stores with 170 different job classifications:
a) have been duped by greedy trial lawyers
b) do not have enough in common to qualify as a “class” in bringing a class-action lawsuit
c) don’t deserve to win the lawsuit because they are already paid too much
d) are gold-diggers

4. As many as ___________ current and former employees could be part of the class action lawsuit against WalMart, according to court records.
a) 15 million
b) 15,000
c) 1.5 million
d) 5 million

5. During a ceremony to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. officials assured veterans:
a) that they would not rest until they got revenge on the Japanese responsible for the dastardly attack
b) that the soldiers’ story and sacrifice would be remembered and passed on to future generations
c) that they would never again send soldiers into harms way
d) that the Japanese emperor was forced to attack the U.S. because of American imperialism and arrogance

6. Approximately __________ soldiers were killed by the Japanese in the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.
a) 24
b) 240
c) 2,400
d) none

7. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has threatened to _________________ if anything happens to him or WikiLeaks.
a) release the encryption code to a cache of uncensored documents that contain unspecified state and commercial secrets
b) start a nationwide boycott against MasterCard and PayPal
c) publicize the names of even more informants who helped American and coalition forces fight against terrorists in Afghanistan
d) sue the U.S. government for trying to prevent him from making the documents public

8. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks received the secret government documents from:
a) an Islamic terrorist from an undisclosed Middle Eastern country
b) Russian spies who posed as average American parents living in the suburbs
c) a U.S. Army private who was working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq
d) Chinese government operatives who had infiltrated the Pentagon

9. Why were students protesting outside Parliament in Great Britain this week?
a) they oppose an increase in university tuition fees
b) they oppose an end to free housing for all college graduates
c) they oppose the poor quality of medical care received under Britain’s universal health care law
d) they are angry that the government has gone into debt over paying for such a large number of public assistance programs

10. What famous person’s car was attacked by student protestors on Thursday night?
a) Lady Gaga
b) Prince William
c) President Barack Obama
d) Prince Charles

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