DIRECTIONS:  Circle the correct bolded answer for each question. (10 points each)

1. The head of The University of Alabama’s sports medicine came up with the idea for the collapsible tent that is now being used by medical trainers there. Several engineering students / football players designed the prototype.

2. The main reason the collapsible tent was developed was to address the problem of medical privacy for the player / television rights for ESPN.

3. The State of the State / State of the Union is an annual address presented by the President to Congress.

4.  In his speech to the nation this week, President Obama discussed his support for the Democratic presidential candidates / his accomplishments as president.

5.  U.S. border authorities for the first time began inspecting trucks entering the U.S. on Mexican soil, working simultaneously with their Mexican counterparts. The U.S. hasn’t conducted inspections from the Mexican side of the border before now because our agents were not permitted to be armed / did not want to be armed in Mexico.

6.  The purpose of the new U.S. border facility opened in Tijuana, Mexico is two-fold: to speed cargo crossings into San Diego and to catch El Chapo / to reduce congestion.

7.  The State of the State / State of the Union is a speech given by the governor to report on the state or condition of a U.S. state.

8.  This speech is given to satisfy a constitutional stipulation / a Presidential executive order that a governor must report annually on the state or condition of his/her state.

9. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will soon end its elephant acts and retire all of its touring elephants / give the elephants to zoos around the country.

10.  Ringling Bros. is ending its elephant acts because many cities and counties have passed “anti-circus” and “anti-elephant” ordinances / disagree with animal-rights groups like PETA.

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