1. Veterans Day is officially observed every year on:
a) the second Monday in November
b) the last Monday in November
c) whichever Monday in November is closest to the 11th
d) November 11

2. The original name for Veterans Day was _________________, but was changed because that was a day set aside to honor specifically veterans of World War I.
a) Poppy Day
b) Armistice Day
c) Remembrance Day
d) Mattress Sale Day

3. The FDA has made a preliminary determination that trans fat no longer fall in the agency’s “generally recognized as safe” category, and announced it is moving to:
a) ban the use of trans fat
b) limit the use of trans fat
c) imprison any food makers who continue to use trans fat
d) ask food makers to consider phasing out the use of trans fat

4. One food type that currently contains trans fat is:
a) fresh vegetables 
b) Oreo cookies
c) most candy
d) some microwave popcorn

5. According to a _____________ report recently given to Congress, the agency is considering allowing chickens raised and processed in China to be sold in the U.S.
a) FDA
b) IRS
d) FCC

6. The Senator raising an outcry over this possible change of policy by the Obama administration on chicken imported from China is concerned because:
a) China has not made any campaign contributions to his re-election campaign
b) China has a poor food safety record
c) chicken from China will be cheaper than American chicken
d) by the time the chickens are slaughtered, processed, shipped and sold in the U.S. they will be very old chickens

7. The IRS paid out ____________________ in fraudulent tax refunds last year.
a) $4 million
b) $40 million
c) $4 billion
d) $40 billion

8. Hundreds of tax refunds went to a single address in various countries and U.S. cities last year. Criminals commit this fraud by:
a) stealing identities
b) stealing refund checks from neighbors’ mailboxes
c) stealing W2 forms
d) bribing IRS agents to send the refunds to the wrong address

9. A man was arrested in a NJ mall last week because he was:
a) shoplifting
b) drunk in public
c) handing out Christian literature
d) screaming and threatening food court employees

10. The retired police officer who was arrested for his actions at the NJ mall had explained to police that he had a right to do what he was doing because ________________ ruled that malls are a quasi-public venue where actions such as his were allowed.
a) the NJ Supreme Court
b) the mall’s owner
c) the U.S. Constitution
d) the U.S. Supreme Court

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