DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ Daylight saving time was formally adopted by the government in 1966 to extend the Christmas shopping season.

2. __________________ A doctor who says the country should choose either daylight saving time or standard time and stick to it advocates staying in standard time and not “springing forward” to DST in March 2021.

3. __________________ India and the U.S. have signed a landmark agreement to share military information and vowed to ramp up security and strategic ties.

4. __________________ The Trump administration made the agreement with India to confront Japanese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

5. __________________ Granting a request from the state’s Republican Party, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled before the election that officials can accept mail-in and absentee ballots up to three days after the Nov. 3 election.

6. __________________ The U.S. Supreme Court declined without comment to hear an appeal on the mail-in ballot extension from Pennsylvania Republicans. Justice Alito explained that “there is simply not enough time at this late date to decide the question before the election.”

7. __________________ During a news conference in Philadelphia the day after the election, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani emphasized that Fox News said mail-in ballots were the most prone to fraud.

8. __________________ The Trump administration has filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia over voter fraud after Democratic poll workers made ballot counting observers stand 20-30 feet away so they were not actually able to confirm the authenticity/legitimacy of the ballots being counted.

9. __________________ Florida voters passed a minimum wage law this week. Fifty percent of the vote was needed for Amendment 2 to pass.

10. __________________ Florida’s Amendment 2 will increase the minimum wage to $35 an hour by 2026.

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