1. Prior to the election this week, political analysts predicted that Democrats had lost the support of:
a) the youth vote
b) liberal ideologues
c) independent voters
d) long-time Democrats

2. Democratic party strategists say the biggest problem for the group of voters the Democrats lost is:
a) the fact that President Obama is too conservative
b) their annoyance over President Obama’s use of a teleprompter
c) their inability to get to a polling place without a ride
d) their frustration with President Obama and his policies

3. More than 70 tea party candidates ran in elections across the country this week. Tea party candidates who win will work to do all but which one of the following?
a) pass the “cap and trade” law
b) end liberal immigration policies
c) attempt to reverse the health care law
d) put a stop to ever expanding federal spending

4. As the new Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner promised to do all but which one of the following?
a) make jobs the top priority for the GOP
b) provide full funding for President Obama’s new health care law
c) hold weekly votes in Congress to cut federal spending
d) fight to repeal the health care law

5. As a result of Tuesday’s elections:
a) Democrats lost control of the Senate and the House
b) Republicans lost control of the Senate and the House
c) Republicans did not win control of the Senate, but won control of the House
d) Democrats did not win control of the Senate or the House

6. What power does the Constitution give to the House of Representatives exclusively? (the Senate does not have this power)
a) to declare war
b) to appoint Supreme Court justices
c) to initiate revenue bills (taxes)
d) to take kickbacks

7. What law having to do with global warming has President Obama said he will drop as a result of this week’s elections?
a) cap and tax
b) cap and trade
c) health care reform
d) banning the production of gas powered vehicles

8. Which government agency is set to regulate emission of greenhouse gases (after the Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that it could treat them as pollutants?
a) EPA
b) CIA
c) NBA

9. Which countries will President Obama visit on his trip to Asia?
a) Indonesia, India, China and Japan
b) South Korea, India, Japan and China
c) Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia
d) China, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea

10. What is the aim of President Obama’s trip to Asia?
a) to establish a dialogue with the terrorist groups that killed 166 people in Mumbai two years ago
b) to open up markets so that the U.S. can sell in Asia
c) to send a warning to Islamic terrorist groups in Pakistan
d) to visit his childhood home

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