DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1. _______________ The Big Three auto makers – Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, have spent more than $20 million lobbying Congress so far this year.

2. _______________ Overall, the Big Three donated over $100 million to federal candidates in the 2008 elections.

3. _______________ The approximate cost of employing a union worker at one of the Big Three auto makers is $44 per hour.

4. _______________ The approximate cost of employing a U.S. worker at the Japanese auto companies Toyota, Honda and Nissan is $73 per hour.

5. _______________ The unprecedented attack this week on a giant American oil tanker carrying $100 million worth of crude oil could cause insurance companies to require special “war risk” insurance.

6. _______________ Shipping companies have begun avoiding the direct passage most often attacked by pirates and now take a much longer route around the southern tip of Africa.

7. _______________ Approximately 250,000 people were forced by rebels to leave their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

8. _______________ The Sudanese government is allowing Sudanese soldiers to cross the border into Democratic Republic of Congo to fight with rebels against the Congolese government.

9. _______________  After a new status-of-forces agreement is signed, U.S. troops in Iraq will not need search warrants before making arrests or searching homes for weapons caches and other contraband in noncombat situations.

10. ______________ Under the status-of-forces agreement U.S. troops would not be required to obtain warrants if they are in the midst of a battle.


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