1. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen unveiled the first completed section of President Trump’s promised border wall in Calexico last Friday.
It is the beginning of one hundred miles of new and replacement border wall that will be built with the funds that were approved by Congress in March. The wall is __________, 2.5 miles long.
a) 3 feet high
b) 13 feet high
c) 30 feet high
d) 300 feet high

2. The wall replaced an older, shorter barrier that was installed in the 1990s and was comprised of recycled scraps of metal and old landing mats that could easily _______________. The replacement project in Calexico was one of U.S. Border Patrol’s highest priorities because of the continued high level of illegal immigration and drug smuggling in the El Centro Sector.
a) be knocked down
b) be climbed over without a ladder
c) neither a) nor b)
d) both a) and b)

3. _______________ lawmaker Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidential election this week. Mr. Bolsonaro will aim to eliminate graft and stop the tide of violent crime and he promised to govern according to the Bible and the country’s constitution.
a) socialist
b) conservative
c) democratic socialist
d) Marxist

4. Brazil’s president-elect says he is committed to fiscal discipline.  His economics minister said the new government will:
a) try to erase Brazil’s unsustainable budget within a year
b) simplify and reduce taxes
c) create 10 million jobs by cutting payroll taxes
d) all of the above

5. In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are favored to win control of the House and Republicans are favored to win control of the Senate. To take control, Democrats need to win __________ seats.
a) 3
b) 13
c) 23
d) 123

6. Midterm elections always generate lower voter turnout than presidential elections. While presidential elections have had turnouts of about 50–60% over the past 60 years, only about __________ of eligible voters actually go to the polls in midterm elections.
a) 4
b) 14
c) 40
d) 400

7. Birthright citizenship is granted through an interpretation of the _______________ of the U.S. Constitution, which states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
a) 4th Amendment
b) 14th Amendment
c) 24th Amendment
d) 1st Amendment

8. President Trump has said he will _______________ and that the issue could be clarified by the Supreme Court.
a) expand birthright citizenship
b) enlarge birthright citizenship
c) leave birthright citizenship the way it is now
d) end birthright citizenship

9. Ballot measures are questions or issues that appear on ballots where _______________ can approve or reject them.
a) elected officials
b) judges
c) committees appointed by the governor
d) voters

10. Ballot measures are a form of “_______________” practiced by various states. In this type of democracy, all citizens, without the intermediary of elected or appointed officials, can participate in making public decisions.
a) indirect democracy
b) representative democracy
c) direct democracy
d) direct autocracy

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