1. During a hearing in Congress on Friday, lawmakers called on Obama administration officials to establish clearly defined protocols for military personnel and aid workers returning to the U.S. after working in:
a) hospitals in New York and New Jersey
b) any African country
c) Ebola-stricken countries in West Africa
d) any country that has had Ebola victims

2. During last Friday’s Congressional hearing, some lawmakers called on the Obama administration to impose a 21-day quarantine on anyone who could have been exposed to the disease. The lawmakers who did so were:
a) Republicans only
b) Democrats only
c) the two independent senators (who caucus with the Democrats)
d) both Republican and Democrat

3. The 2014 Senate races are significant because:
a) Republicans have a good chance of winning majority control
b) Independents have a good chance of winning majority control
c) Libertarians have a good chance of winning majority control
d) Democrats have a good chance of winning majority control

4. Currently, there are 21 Democratic and 29 Republican governors in the U.S. The overall outcome of gubernatorial elections will indicate: (CHOOSE 2)
a) the possibility of a Democrat or Republican winning the 2016 presidential election
b) which states have more Independent voters
c) whether the majority of voters support conservative or liberal issues
d) the likelihood that Hillary Clinton can win the presidential race in 2016

5. Three issues that are on ballot measures in more than one state are: (CHOOSE 3)
a) legalizing same-sex marriage
b) raising the minimum wage
c) marijuana legalization
d) abortion issues

6. Voters in all but which one will vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana?
a) Washington D.C.
b) Texas
c) Alaska
d) Oregon

7. The products health officials in the town of Westminster, Massachusetts are trying to ban all but:
a) cigarettes
b) pipes
c) electronic cigarettes
d) chewing tobacco

8. If Westminster’s ban is enacted, it will be:
a) the first time a local government places a ban on something it says is not good for you
b) the first time a local government bans the sale of all snack food
c) the first time a town bans the sale of all tobacco products
d) the first time a town bans the sale of all lottery tickets

9. IN THE NEWS: A nurse who returned from treating patients in West Africa and placed in mandatory quarantine in NJ:
a) said she understood the necessity of such a requirement and placed the well-being of Americans ahead of her own comfort
b) announced that she would be working with Doctors Without Borders to create a plan for voluntary 21 day quarantine for all medical volunteers returning from West Africa
c) thinks quarantining should never be done, regardless of illness
d) hired a lawyer and threatened to sue if NJ officials did not release her

10. IN THE NEWS: President Obama is expected to use executive action to implement amnesty for many illegal immigrants:
a) before the election
b) after the election
c) on his last day in office
d) on his birthday

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