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1. A bipartisan group of lawmakers from _______________ introduced a bill this week that would allow forest managers to thin overgrown woods that are potential tinderboxes for wildfires.
a) Eastern states
b) the South
c) Texas
d) Western states

2. The proposed bill is in response to the recent widespread devastating wildfires. There are two opposing views on the cause of such destructive fires. They are: (choose 2)
a) carless campers who don’t heed warnings from Smokey Bear
b) extreme environmental laws that impose policies preventing the clearing undergrowth
c) a shortage of firefighters
d) global warming

3. This week’s world news articles are from Syria, China and North Korea. The Syria report was about the defeat of _______________ in the city of Raqqa.
a) al Qaeda
c) Russian troops
d) coalition troops

4. The world article on China described Communist party officials’ praise for President Xi Jinping’s _______________, which was unveiled a day earlier at the Communist Party Congress in Beijing.
a) political ideology
b) demand that a U.S.-style Bill of Rights be included in the Chinese Constitution
c) oratory skills
d) new haircut

5. Green Beret medic Army Capt. Gary Michael Rose was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Trump this week at the White House. The Medal of Honor is:
a) bestowed on every soldier who fought in Vietnam
b) the nation’s highest military honor
c) a universal award given to all soldiers by the UN
d) awarded to all military officers

6. According to the citation, Captain Rose was given the Medal for all but:
a) “continuously exposed himself to intense fire as he fearlessly moved from casualty to casualty”
b) taking a knee whenever he heard the National Anthem being played
c) extraordinary acts of heroism in a secret war
d) treating 60-70 wounded

7. Government officials announced this week that the Trump administration will temporarily delay admitting refugees from 11 countries identified as _______________, while resuming refugee admissions for all other countries.
a) high-risk
b) Muslim majority
c) low income
d) none of the above

8. The aim of the changes to the refugee program is to:
a) protect refugees
b) persuade Congress to stop extensive vetting of refugees
c) protect U.S. national security
d) all of the above

9. House Republicans narrowly passed the Senate’s $4 trillion budget proposal this week. _______________ Republican(s) sided with all of the Democrats in voting no.
a) Zero
b) One
c) Two
d) Twenty

10. The House’s budget called for tax cuts that would not be deficit-neutral. The Senate budget allows tax cuts to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Despite the discrepancy, the House passed the Senate’s budget to:
a) pave the way to get reconciliation needed to pass tax reform
b) speed up the process toward Republicans’ ultimate goal of tax cuts
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

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