1.  The people described in this week’s article on success stories had one thing in common:
a)  they all worked incredibly hard to succeed
b)  they all have spouses who supported them every step of the way
c)  they all had natural talent in their areas of expertise
d)  they all had a rich father who funded their start

2.  The famous athletes mentioned in the article on success all had this in common:
a)  they all had coaches who pushed them to the limit
b)  they all practiced many extra hours to perfect their game
c)  they all had parents who pushed them to excel
d)  they all took performance enhancing drugs

3.  Early this week it was reported that the U.S. had predator drones flying over Behghazi during the attack on Sept. 11, and that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta:
a)  were not informed of the attack
b)  were considering available options to respond to the attack
c)  sent the FBI to arrest a man in California for making a film insulting to Muslims
d)  were playing golf with President Obama and unable to be reached

4.  Reuters followed up the report on the U.S. drones that flew over Behghazi during the attack on our consulate with news that officials at the White House and State Department:
a)  believed the attack was a spontaneous result of anger by protesters over a video insulting Islam’s prophet Mohammed
b)  had not been notified that there was any problem in Benghazi
c)  were preparing an apology to the people of Libya
d)  were advised two hours after the attack began that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack

5.  Six scientists and a government official were convicted of ______________ by an Italian court this week for failing to give adequate warning of an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in L’Aquila in 2009.
a)  manslaughter
b)  perjury
c)  fraud
d)  vehicular homicide

6.  The seven in Italy convicted in the case over the earthquake prediction were sentenced to:
a)  six months of community service
b)  sixty years in prison
c)  six years in prison
d)  exile

7.  Text neck is headache and/or neck pain caused by:
a)  a forward head posture/when the head is bent over for long periods of time
b)  holding a mobile device at eye level
c)  slouching
d)  texting while driving

8.  The activity that causes text neck is:
a)  talking on the telephone
b)  watching TV in the dark
c)  using an MP3 player
d)  using mobile or electronic devices for long periods of time

9.  A total of _______ Senate seats are up for election on November 6.
a)  3
b)  10
c)  33
d)  50

10. Winning a majority in the Senate is important because the winning party chooses the Senate majority leader who gets to:
a)  determine what business the Senate will conduct, and appoint all of the Senate Committee chairs
b)  use Air Force One to fly to and from his/her home state every weekend
c)  filibuster any proposed bills the party does not like
d)  have dinner with the President

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