DIRECTIONS: For the true/false, write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ A lawsuit, filed by three California high school students against their school district for sending them home on Cinco de Mayo because they refused to turn their US flag-themed T-shirts inside out, went before the court of appeals this week.

2. __________________ In 2011, a U.S. district judge had ruled against the students, writing that “the Court finds that these school officials were not unreasonable in forecasting that the Plaintiffs’ clothing exposed them to significant danger.”

3. __________________ The Washington Post reported this week that many retail stores use shoppers’ smart phone Wifi to track their shopping habits throughout the store.

4. __________________ The in-store trackers are able to gather customers’ identity from their smartphones.

5. __________________ In a speech this week addressing the problems people have signing up for  Obamacare, President Obama suggested that as an alternative to signing up online people could, among other things, mail in paper applications.

6. __________________ Several developers of the website told The Associated Press that they were worried for months about the system’s readiness and whether the software meant to link key computer systems was being properly tested.

7. __________________ In place of Thursday’s “Daily News Article” StudentNewsDaily posted a link to its weekly News Quiz.

8. __________________ The article used for this week’s editorial was about How to Keep your current Health Care Plan.

9. __________________ It was reported this week that the NSA has tapped the cell phone of German president Francois Hollande.

10. __________________ President Obama implied in July that his personal ties with the German president meant he had no need to spy on her. “If I want to know what Chancellor Merkel is thinking, I will call Chancellor Merkel,” he said.

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