DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement, circle the correct answer.

1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced that construction on eight border wall prototypes in San Francisco / San Diego began on September 26. The deadline for completion of the prototypes is 30 days from the start date.

2. Upon completion of the wall prototypes there will be a 3 day / 30 day testing and an evaluation process. A series of tests on each prototype will check for anti-climbing, anti-breaching, and anti-digging capabilities, among other things.

3. Naturalized American citizen Ahmad Khan Rahimi, who views himself as a “a soldier in a holy war against Americans,” was found guilty this week on all eight charges / only one of the charges brought against him for detonating a shrapnel-packed explosive device in 2016 that injured 30 people in New York City.

4. An unusually large amount of evidence pointed to terrorist Rahimi, including his drivers license / fingerprints and DNA being found on the bombs used in the Sept. 17, 2016 attacks. Also, prosecutors presented dozens of videos showing his movements as he dragged the bombs in suitcases through Manhattan streets.

5. The civilian panel that oversees the Los Angeles Police Department approved a drone pilot program on Tuesday. Opponents consider the technology a threat to civil liberties and expressed their opposition by blocking traffic outside LAPD headquarters / working to pass a law barring the use of such technology.

6. Police plan to use the drones for situations including manhunts and standoffs, those involving threats of exposure to hazardous materials, when attempting to detect explosive devices, natural disasters and search and rescue operations. They will / will not weaponize the drones or use them for surveillance.

7. Fentanyl is illegally made and used as a recreational drug often disguised as other medications or mixed with heroin, leading to thousands of overdose deaths since 2000. The Chinese government / the U.S. Department of Justice has indicted two major Chinese drug traffickers on charges of making illegal versions of fentanyl and selling it to Americans over the internet and through international mail.

8. In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that 20,000 Americans died from fentanyl. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said, “We believe that most, if not all, fentanyl that is distributed here in the U.S. and in Canada, originates in China / Mexico.”

9. Five dogs who served in the U.S. military were awarded the Alpo / K-9 Medal of Courage last week to recognize the canines’ extraordinary valor during their time of service.

10. The Medal of Courage was established by Lois Pope in 1916 / 2016. Mrs. Pope said, “It is high time that [the dogs’] valiant sacrifices and contributions to our nation and our men and women in uniform are properly recognized at the highest levels.”

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