1. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In his Book of Prophesies, Christopher Columbus credits _________________ for enabling him to make his historic trip.
a) God
b) His father
c) His skill as a sailor and a navigator
d) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

2. Columbus wrote a letter in 1493 to King Ferdinand’s treasurer reporting on his voyage. In it, he describes the natives they encounter as:
a) trustworthy and generous
b) savages
c) knowledgeable
d) unteachable

3. _________________, the host of the first Democratic presidential primary debate held this week in Las Vegas, re-wrote its participation rules to allow Vice President Joe Biden to participate in the debate even if he decided to run for president only on the morning of the debate.
a) CBS
b) CNN
c) NBC
d) FOX

4. The news channel announced Monday that an empty podium would be onstage beside the other Democratic candidates, which include front-runner Hillary Clinton and all but ___________________, in case Vice President Biden decided to run.
a) former Gov. Martin O’Malley
b) businessman Donald Trump
c) former senator Jim Webb
d) Sen. Bernie Sanders
e) former senator Lincoln Chafee

5. An 8th grade student in Oregon was sent home recently for wearing a t-shirt with an image of the traditional soldier memorial, which includes __________________________ and bearing the words “Standing for those who stood for us.”
a) a rifle, boots, and a helmet
b) a soldier kneeling in prayer
c) a rifle, knife, and a helmet
d) a helmet, boots, and a back pack

6. The Oregon middle school student was sent home for wearing the t-shirt because a gun was part of the Fallen Soldier image. The school handbook says “clothing with alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug and/or __________________________ are prohibited.”
a) religious references
b) patriotic references
c) violence related references
d) military references

7. When the U.S. Supreme Court began the 2015 term last week, the Court announced an end to lawyers’ practice of:
a) line jumpers
b) line dancers
c) line standers
d) ticket scalping

8. If a lawyer does not get a seat in the lawyers section of the courtroom for oral arguments, he/she can go to the lawyer’s lounge, a room outside the courtroom to ______________________.
a) watch a video feed of the arguments
b) listen to live audio of the arguments
c) discuss what they think is being said in the courtroom
d) none of the above

9. Nine former American servicemen who were held as prisoners during World War II traveled to Japan this week to revisit some of the places they were held as prisoners seven decades ago. Approximately 12,000 American POWs were ___________________ in Japanese companies during WWII.
a) treated well
b) forced into slave labor
c) trained as executives
d) given jobs

10. The emphasis of the former POW’s trip to Japan this week was on ____________________.
a) revenge
b) retribution
c) reconciliation
d) touring

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