1.  In his Book of Prophesies, Christopher Columbus credits _________________ for enabling him to make his historic trip.
a)  King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
b)  His father
c)  His skill as a sailor and a navigator
d)  God

2.  Columbus wrote a letter in 1493 to King Ferdinand’s treasurer reporting on his voyage.  In it, he describes the natives they encounter as:
a)  trustworthy and generous
b)  foolish savages
c)  idol worshippers
d)  unteachable imbeciles

3.  When Harvard substance abuse researcher Kim Harris speaks to students about marijuana use, she warns them:
a)  about how it affects lungs and can lead to lung cancer
b)  about how regular marijuana use affects brain development
c)  about the fact that marijuana use is illegal
d)  marijuana use can lead to a criminal record

4.  Voters in November will consider a ballot question that would make Massachusetts the 18th state to allow medical use of marijuana.   Experts in drug policy and public health say they worry legalizing the sale of medical marijuana could shift teens’ perspective, ____________________________ .
a)  causing them to view this as an “old person’s” drug
b)  causing them to propose ballot measures that would make marijuana legal for all users
c)  causing them to realize that marijuana is harmful and dangerous
d)  making them view the use of this drug as having medicinal benefits and safe for recreational use

5.  After a year long investigation, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee has concluded that two major Chinese technology companies:
a)  sell products of inferior quality
b)  have been stealing data from Americans for years
c)  drive U.S. companies out of business because they undercut their competition on price
d)  pose a national-security threat because their equipment could be used for spying on Americans

6.  Regarding the Chinese technology companies, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee recommends:
a)  the U.S. government avoid using equipment from the companies, and that U.S. companies seek alternate vendors for telecom equipment
b)  the U.S. government charge higher import taxes on products being sold from those companies
c)  that the U.S. government contract with Google to spy on the Chinese companies with a Google “Spy maps” program
d)  the government do nothing, but remain vigilant

7.  Using iPads or other tablet devices just before going to bed can result in a poor night’s sleep, according to research done at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center.  The portable devices have this effect on sleep because the blueish light their screens emit:
a)  mimics daylight
b)  is too bright to view with the lights off
c)  acts as a stimulant like caffeine
d)  all of the above

8.  Researchers explained that a dark room triggers the body’s production of _____________________, a hormone that acts as a messenger telling the body it’s time to sleep, and lighted screens interfere with that message.
a)  melatonin
b)  hemoglobin
c)  sucrose
d)  steroid

9.  Orlando-based Darden Restaurants, which include Olive Garden, Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse, is testing out a new policy which will:
a)  provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to all employees at little cost to the employee
b)  limit many hourly workers to part-time hours
c)  provide free meals for all members of Congress who voted in support of Obamacare
d)  give all employees free health insurance

10. Darden is considering permanently reducing employees’ hours because of the increased costs they will incur due to the requirements of the Affordable Care act.  This law requires every citizen to:
a)  congratulate their Congress members for passing a law from which they themselves are exempt
b)  read the law in its entirety
c)  purchase health insurance
d)  work at least 29 hours a week

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