1. Democratic Senators _____________ and _____________ submitted a cap and trade bill for debate in the Senate Environmental Committee this week, which will require companies to hold government-issued permits allowing them to emit greenhouse gases, which approximately half of Americans believe contribute to global warming.
a) Hillary Clinton and Chuck Shumer
b) Barbara Boxer and John Kerry
c) Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin
d) Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

2. Senate Republicans on the Environmental Committee would block a vote if the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t conduct what they believe to be an adequate ____________.
a) economic study
b) debate on the topic
c) poll of the voters
d) none of the above

3. Pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight flew 150 miles past their destination airport because:
a) they were so fatigued from overwork that they fell asleep
b) they were not able to communicate with air traffic control
c) the flight attendant forgot to tell them they were nearing their destination
d) they were checking crew schedules on their personal laptop computers

4. The pilots said they didn’t answer calls from air-traffic control because:.
a) their radio was broken
b) they were in the middle of a discussion so did not pay attention to what was being said
c) the flight attendant was making too much noise with the ice machine for them to hear the radio
d) the air traffic controllers annoyed them with their constant questions

5. Rep Bart Stupak wants to add an amendment to the Health Care bill that would explicitly prohibit any federal money from being used to pay for health insurance plans that fund _________________.
a) abortions
b) cosmetic surgery
c) pace makers for people over the age of 75
d) euthanasia

6. If Speaker Pelosi doesn’t allow ___________________________, Rep. Stupak will try to kill the health care bill entirely.
a) testimony from doctors to be considered
b) an up or down vote on his amendment
c) Stupak to make a speech to the House about his amendment
d) debate in committee about his request

7. The Ares I-X is a 327 foot rocket prototype for one that could return astronauts to __________ for the first time since 1972. It is connected to NASA’s Constellation project, which would replace its space shuttle program.
a) the moon
b) Mars
c) Saturn
d) the International Space Station

8. The Ares I-X will be ready to carry astronauts to the International Space Station by _________.
a) 2010
b) 2015
c) 2050
d) 2005

9. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization that oversees Internet ___________________.
a) prices
b) high speed access
c) domain names
d) website content

10. ICANN’s board voted to allow _____________________ to be written completely in Chinese, Arabic, Korean and other languages using non-Latin alphabets.
a) web addresses
b) html code
c) web pages
d) search engines

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