1. Under the Chinese government’s new “Winter Sunshine Sports” plan, elementary school students will be required to run __________ per day.
a) .5 kilometers
b) 1 kilometer
c) 5 kilometers
d) 6 kilometers

2. Chinese students will be required to run during the school day in an effort by the government to prevent students from becoming
a) lazy
b) tired
c) obese
d) bookworms

3. Approximately 20,000 U.S. troops will be transferred from ___________ control to direct American command in Afghanistan.
a) United Nations
b) Afghan
c) European Union

4. With the troop shift, the military is aiming at fixing the problem of _______________ in the Afghan police and army that is jeopardizing the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan.
a) corruption
b) apathy
c) incompetence
d) inexperience

5. The questions the presidential candidates were asked during their second debate this week were written by ____________________.
a) the debate moderator
b) a non-partisan group of journalists
c) students from across the country
d) audience members and people across the country who submitted questions via the Internet

6. The majority of questions the candidates were asked in the debate this week focused on:
a) the economy and foreign policy
b) education and the economy
c) the economy and immigration
d) same-sex marriage and abortion

7. Sen. Chuck Schumer believes that the Democrats could win a ___________ seat majority in November’s senatorial elections because of the popularity of Sen. Barack Obama and concern about the U.S economy.
a) 16
b) 50
c) 60
d) 100

8. If Democrats win a supermajority in the Senate, they will be able to prevent Republicans from filibustering and also ______________________.
a) override presidential vetoes
b) elect their own president of the Senate
c) appoint Cabinet members
d) impeach President Bush

9. On September 6, 2008, GeoEye launched its GeoEye-1:
a) satellite
b) website
c) space station
d) weather balloon

10. GeoEye-1’s main client is:
a) the U.S. military
b) Google Maps
c) the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
d) the U.N.’s Security Council

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