DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1.  __________________ In Sunday’s congressional election, President Hugo Chavez’s opponents blocked his supporters from winning the two-thirds majority they needed to continue implementing his policies unopposed.

2.  __________________ Hugo Chavez has been the president of Colombia since 1998.

3.  __________________ North Korean leader Kim Jong-il this week appointed his son Kim Jong-un dictator for life.

4.  __________________ Kim Jong-il introduced his son into a leadership position much quicker than his own father introduced him because Kim Jong-il is believed to be very ill.

5.  __________________ An al Qaeda plot to attack European cities was disrupted after the CIA launched a series of drone attacks this week that killed several al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan.

6.  __________________ The leaders of security bureaus from Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have all warned recently that there are credible terrorist plots against their countries.

7.  __________________ Counterterrorism officials have been investigating the suspected terror plot on Western cities since they received a phone call from Osama bin Laden detailing his plans.

8.  __________________ European security officials fear an attack against crowds of people in an urban center in the U.K., France or Germany.

9.  __________________ The Association of American Medical Colleges announced this week that there will be a surplus of doctors in the next five years due to the recently enacted health care reform bill.

10. __________________ The AAMC is calling on Congress to repeal the health care reform bill.

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