1. Which of the following is not a factor contributing to rapidly increasing food prices around the world?
a) diverting crops for biofuels
b) population growth
c) severe drought in the southern U.S.
d) prosperity in countries like China and India

2. The U.N.’s current World Food Program spends ________ a year to feed approximately 78 million people in 78 countries.
a) $3 million
b) $30 million
c) $300 million
d) $3 billion

3. President Bush this week proposed a plan for how Congress should respond to the threat of global warming, which would include ______________ caps on industry to reduce greenhouse gases.
a) mandatory
b) required
c) suggested
d) regulated

4. Those who favor a strict cap-and-trade program include:
a) all Democratic congressmen
b) all U.S. Senators
c) all of the top three presidential candidates
d) all Republican congressmen

5. Until now, the Bush administration’s long-standing position on the global warming debate was that the answer to the perceived problem was:
a) government regulation
b) voluntary action
c) laws establishing mandatory cap-and-trade programs
d) both a and c

6. The niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., (who is among a group of pro-life black leaders calling for an end to federal funding for Planned Parenthood) says it should be de-funded because of
a) the amount of money abortion doctors are charging women to perform abortions
b) her personal belief that a woman has a right to choose
c) what she calls Planned Parenthood’s “racist agenda”
d) none of the above

7. Federal funding of Planned Parenthood currently exceeds:
a) $3 million a year
b) $30 million a year
c) $300 million a year
d) $3 billion a year

8. Pope Benedict XVI is the head of
a) the Southern Baptist Union
b) the Catholic Church
c) the Eastern Orthodox Church
d) the Presbyterian Church

9. The Pope gave a speech this week in Washington at:
a) the Oval Office in the White House
b) the Capitol building
c) the Supreme Court
d) the Rose Garden at the White House

10. The Pope’s speech brought a message of:
a) hope and appreciation for American freedom
b) hope and criticism of the Iraq war
c) fear of the future
d) criticism of the Founding Fathers


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