Christmas 2008 Quiz
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1.  Why did Joseph and Mary to go to Bethlehem?
a)  an angel told Joseph to go to Bethlehem in a dream
b)  to get married
c)  to find a place to stay
d)  Caesar decreed that everyone should be registered

2.  The census requiring Joseph to go to Bethlehem took place while this man governed Syria:
a)  Publius
b)  Quirinius
c)  Herod
d)  Taxandspendus

3.  According to Zacharias the father of John, the coming of the Messiah was foretold:
a)  since the time of King David
b)  since the world began
c)  since Israel’s captivity in Egypt
d)  since the time of Abraham

4.  What did Joseph do when an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him to marry Mary?
a)  he took some time to think about it
b)  he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took Mary as his wife
c)  he asked the angel to choose someone besides him to be Mary’s husband
d)  he didn’t believe that he really saw an angel from God

5.  Who told Joseph that Jesus would save his people from their sins?
a)  shepherds
b)  Mary
c)  the wise men
d)  an Angel of the Lord

6.  How did Joseph and Mary get to Bethlehem?
a)  walked
b)  by cart
c)  Joseph walked/Mary rode a donkey
d)  the Bible doesn’t say

7.  The Innkeeper told Joseph:
a)  “There is no room at the inn”
b)  “We don’t allow children”
c)  “You can use the stable out back”
d)  there is no mention of an innkeeper in the bible

8.  When the angel Gabriel was sent to Mary, he said:
a)  Sinless are you among women
b)  Hail, immaculately conceived one
c)  Blessed are you among women
d)  Hail, mother of God

9.  This prophet foretold the place of Jesus’ birth:
a)  Maccabeus
b)  Micah
c)  Malachi
d)  Mordecai

10. How many shepherds were there in the field?
a)  three
b)  four
c)  six
d)  the Bible doesn’t say

11. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?
a)  one
b)  two
c)  a multitude
d)  it cannot be determined

12. Which of the following did the shepherds NOT do after the angel told them about the birth of Jesus?
a)  they went quickly to Bethlehem to see Jesus
b)  they made widely known the saying which was told them concerning the Child
c)  they made plans to go to Bethlehem the following week
d)  they glorified and praised God

13. How were the shepherds to find and recognize the Lord? (What sign did the angel tell the shepherds to look for?)
a)  by following a star
b)  by asking at the Inn
c)  by looking for the Magi
d)  by looking for a babe in a manger

14. What is a “heavenly host”?
a)  an angelic choir
b)  the welcoming angel in heaven
c)  an army of angels
d)  an archangel

15. After the shepherds came and saw the baby Jesus, they:
a)  made widely known what the angels had told them
b)  reported to Herod
c)  contacted the wise men and suggested that they visit the Baby also
d)  kept the news to themselves, as they were scared of what Herod would do to them

16. How many wise men came to worship Jesus?
a)  two
b)  the Bible doesn’t say
c)  three
d)  none

17. How did the wise men know that the King of the Jews had been born?
a)  they saw His star in the East
b)  they had a vision
c)  angels told them
d)  Herod told them

18. In what city did King Herod live?
a)  Nazareth
b)  Bethlehem
c)  Jerusalem
d)  Jericho

19. Which is the city of David?
a)  Nazareth
b)  Jerusalem
c)  Babylon
d)  Bethlehem

20. What did the wise men do when they saw the star over the house where Jesus was?
a)  they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy
b)  they went and told Herod where they saw the star
c)  they returned to their own land
d)  they sent a messenger to Herod with the news

21. What did the wise men do when they saw Jesus?
a)  they fell down and worshipped him
b)  they greeted Mary and Joseph in their own language
c)  they consulted their horoscope to find out who the Baby really was
d)  they asked Mary and Joseph to identify themselves

22. Why did Herod want to know when Jesus was found?
a)  so he could worship him
b)  so he could tell others
c)  so he could kill him
d)  none of the above

23. The wise men presented the Child Jesus with gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. What does the Bible say became of these gifts?
a)  they were lost on the flight to Egypt
b)  Mary saved them for Jesus until he was of age
c)  they were later used in the financial support of Jesus’ ministry
d)  it doesn’t say

24. A manger is:
a)  a feeding trough
b)  a barn
c)  a stable
d)  a room behind an Inn

25. In what books of the Bible will you find the story of Jesus’ birth?
a)  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
b)  Matthew and Luke
c)  Mark and Matthew
d)  Matthew, Mark and Luke

26. What animals were present at the birth of Jesus?
a)  cows and sheep
b)  cows, sheep and mules
c)  cows, sheep and camels
d)  unknown

27. At God’s command through an angel, Joseph, Mary, and the Child Jesus fled to Egypt. They remained there:
a)  for forty days
b)  until the death of Herod
c)  for 3 years
d)  until the following Passover

28. Who was Jesus descended from?
a)  King Saul
b)  King David
c)  Jeremiah
d)  Moses

29. Who did angels (or an angel) NOT appear to?
a)  Zacharias
b)  the shepherds
c)  Joseph
d)  King Herod

30. Who saw the star over Bethlehem?
a)  Joseph and Mary
b)  the shepherds
c)  the three kings
d)  none of the above

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