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1. What idea is cartoonist Pat Cross illustrating in this cartoon?

2. Ask a parent: do you agree or disagree with the cartoonist’s intended meaning? Please explain your answer.

CHALLENGE: Ask 2 conservative adults and 2 liberal/progressive adults:
Do you think universities indoctrinate students in the teachings of Karl Marx, convincing students that communist and socialist systems are better than capitalism and the free-market?

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Cartoon by Pat Cross


1. The average parent sends a son or daughter off to college expecting they will receive an education which will prepare the student for a career.  Instead, many come back espousing the teachings of Karl Marx and criticizing the moderate or conservative beliefs of their parents.

Students graduate believing marxism, communism and socialism are a better than capitalism and free-market economic systems.

2. Answers vary.

Note: Marxism refers to the social, economic and political theories of Karl Marx; his theories provide the basis for most communist systems.

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