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1.  a) When is election day this year?
b) How is the date determined?

2.  This will be an off-year election, there are no seats up for election in the United States Congress. There will be two gubernatorial races on November 8th, in Kentucky and Mississippi.  There will also be a few state legislative and judicial elections as well as numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local offices on the ballot.  What candidates and/or ballot measures are on your ballot in November?
(Go to and scroll down for a link to your state’s election board.)

3.  What is the point of Wright’s cartoon?
a)  he is attempting to motivate people to vote
b)  he is pointing out that voting is a waste of time
c)  he is trying to get people to vote for his candidate

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.

Cartoon by Larry Wright.


1.  a) The United States general elections of 2011 will be held on Tuesday, November 8.
b) The date is determined by law: the U.S. general election occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

2.  Answers vary.

3.  a)  he is attempting to motivate people to vote