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1. a) To what recent controversy does this cartoon refer?
b) Describe some different opinions on this issue.
c) What is your opinion on the issue of interrogating terrorism suspects?

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1. a) This cartoon refers to the controversy over the types of interrogation methods the CIA uses to extract information from terrorism suspects.b)  Different opinions on this issue include:

  • No harsh interrogation methods should be used on suspects, even to gather evidence that would save American lives from terrorist attacks. (Liberals generally support this belief.)
  • Water-boarding is torture and should not be used, even to prevent further terrorist attacks on Americans.
  • Water-boarding is not torture, so it is ok to used this method to get information from terrorists to prevent planned attacks. (Conservatives generally support this belief.)
  • Even if water-boarding is torture, it should be used on terrorist suspects to gain information to prevent terrorist attacks.  Saving American lives is more important than how we treat captured terrorists.
  • That as unlawful combatants, terrorists do not fall under the Geneva convention and therefore are not entitled to be treated as Prisoners of War.

c)  Opinion question. Answers vary.


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