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1. Tone is the attitude a cartoonist takes towards a subject. Which pair of words best describes the tone of this cartoon?
a) angry/critical
b) light-hearted/humorous
c) solemn/serious
d) carefree/unconcerned

2. Which comic device does the cartoonist use to make his point?
a) exaggeration
b) pun
c) personification
d) irony

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Nate Beeler


1. b) light-hearted/humorous

2. a) exaggeration – to think of or describe something as larger or greater than it really is

The cartoonist did not use:

b) pun – a play on words that uses the similarity in sound between two words with distinctly different meanings

c) personification – a figure of speech in which human characteristics are attributed to an abstract quality, animal, or inanimate object

d) irony – when the opposite of what you expect to happen occurs