*The Associated Press (AP) is a news service that provides content of all kinds to thousands of newspapers, radio stations, television networks and web sites. The Associated Press is the most commonly used of all news services.  With bureaus across America and the world, the Associated Press generates articles, photos, graphics and video that is used by newspapers and other resources that pay to subscribe.  The Associated Press allows news providers to utilize content from parts of the world they could otherwise never cover.  The Associated Press comprises 242 bureaus and employs 3,700 people worldwide. It serves 1,700 U.S. newspapers and 5,000 radio and TV outlets. There are also 8,500 international subscribers covering 121 total countries.
(As you read news in the future, begin to look for the AP next to the dateline of a news article.  It indicates that the story was written by an AP reporter and purchased by the newspaper.  A dateline is a line at the beginning of a news story giving the name of city from which the story was sent.  Note the number of news articles coming from the same source – the AP)

Click here for the complete article from NYSun.com.  [PLEASE NOTE:  We did not post the complete article here because it was written by an AP reporter and we do not have reprint permission from the AP.  The NYSun purchased this article from the AP.]


1.  Who is Robert Gates?
(CHALLENGE QUESTION:  Name the person Robert Gates replaced.)

2.  What ceremony is Mr. Gates attending today?

3.  a) Read a brief history of D-Day at nationalww2museum.org/education/briefddayhistory.pdf  [NOTE:  Document is in PDF format]b) In quoting Mr. Gates (para. 9-14), how does the AP* reporter portray American troops landing at Normandy on D-Day?
c) What do you think of this portrayal?

4. Take some time to read about D-Day at the D-Day Museum websit (part of the WWII Museum) at nationalww2museum.org/education/history_intro.html
How do you think D-Day should be remembered?  Explain your answer.


Read Gen. Eisenhower’s message to the troops preceeding the D-Day invasion here.

For more links to information about D-Day click here.

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