Doctors Resisting ObamaCare

Daily News Article   —   Posted on November 4, 2013

image1135(by Carl Campinile, NY Post) – New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals.

A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan.

Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians queried said they’re taking patients who signed up through health exchanges.

“This is so poorly designed that a lot of doctors are afraid to participate,” said Dr. Sam Unterricht, president of the 29,000-member organization. “There’s a lot of resistance. Doctors don’t know what they’re going to get paid.”

[Of the 23 percent of doctors accepting patients from the health care exchange,] three out of four doctors said they “had to participate” because of existing contractual obligations with an insurer or medical provider, not because they wanted to.  

Only one in four “affirmatively” chose to sign up for the exchanges.

Nearly eight in 10 — 77 percent — said they had not been given a fee schedule to show much they’ll get paid if they sign up.

The survey invited doctors to anonymously share opinions about the new health care law, and many took time out of their busy days to vent.

“Obama Care wants to start right away, but who see all these new patients???? Not me,” e-mailed one doc.

Another said, “I plan to retire if this disaster is implemented. This is a train wreck.”

“I refuse to participate in the exchange plans! I am completely opposed to this new law,” said a third respondent.

One doctor recycled the mantra used to attack addictions: “The solution is simple: Just say no.”

One physician was so disgusted, he threatened to take only cash patients going forward. “I am seriously considering opting out of all insurance plans including Medicare because of [ObamaCare].”

Some physicians said the pressure on insurance carriers to control costs is leading to rationed care.

“OBAMACARE is a disaster. I have already seen denial of medication, denial of referrals,” one doc said.

And they worry that stingy payments for medical services could put some doctors out of business and force others into retirement.

“Any doctor who accepts the exchange is just a bad businessman/woman. [The pay is] terrible,” argued one doctor.

Said another MD, “Can’t imagine any doctors would be willing to work for so little money? All doctors should boycott.” …

Others said they don’t have enough information to make an informed choice.

“This is a joke. We are flying blind,” said one doctor.

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1. a) What percent of New York’s 29,000 doctors say they are not participating in ObamaCare?
b) What percent are taking patients who signed up through the ObamaCare health exchanges?

2. Why are doctors afraid to participate in ObamaCare, according to Dr. Sam Unterricht, president of the New York State Medical Society?

3. Of the 23 percent of doctors accepting patients from the health care exchange, why did most say they were doing so?

4. The survey conducted by the New York State Medical Society also invited doctors to anonymously share their opinions about the new health care law. Why do you think doctors were invited to comment anonymously?

5. List at least three of the comments made by doctors from the article.

6. Doctors spend many years in college and medical school and then must complete a residency. They often take out large loans to do this. The federal government sets the rates for how much a doctor will be paid to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients and will now do so for the healthcare exhange as well.
a) Can you think of any other profession where a person is not able to negotiate the rate he/she will charge for his service, but only take what the government says he deserves? Do you support this practice? Explain your answer.
b) Do doctors have a legitimate concern? Explain your answer.
c) Ask a parent the same question.

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