Israel’s risk-based approach to airport security

Daily News Article - May 23, 2016


1. Where is Ben Gurion International Airport?

2. How many layers of security must a traveler go through before boarding a plane at Ben Gurion?

3. Why is security and preventing any terrorist attacks especially important at this airport?

4. a) What factors affect a passenger’s trip through the security procedures at Ben Gurion?
b) What do security screeners look for?

5. What is the safety record at Ben Gurion?

6. a) What is “risk based security”?
b) Shmuel Zakay doesn’t think Israel’s security procedures would work in much larger European countries. Although they have five times as many passengers, these countries also have much greater resources. Do you think Europe should implement Israeli type security? Explain your answer.

7. The reporter concludes the article with:
“Officials believe that Europe will never copy every aspect of Israel’s approach towards aviation security. But the central idea – that potentially dangerous passengers must be singled out as early as possible – is being applied in different ways by European airports. The era of one-size-fits-all security is coming to an end.”
What do you think for the U.S. - should potentially dangerous passengers be singled out as early as possible? Explain your answer.

8. From para. 11: “Arab Muslims are likely to be singled out for lengthy questioning, particularly if they have travelled elsewhere in the Middle East.” Airport officials deny they use profiling.
a) Do you think the Jewish state of Israel should not single out Arab Muslims for questioning? Explain your answer.
b) Do you think your answer would be different if you traveled through Ben Gurion airport regularly? Explain your answer.

9. Ask a parent to read the following and then answer the questions below it:

Do you agree with Mr. Baum’s assertion or do you think our TSA already does an excellent job and no change is needed?
Or would some other change in security procedures be better? If so, what? Please explain your answer.