FBI joins probe of Flint, Michigan’s lead contaminated water

Daily News Article - February 4, 2016


1. List the federal government agencies that are working with the FBI to investigate the Flint water crisis.

2. What is the FBI looking to determine in its investigation?

3. a) What will the EPA examine in its investigation, according to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy?
b) When does EPA administrator Gina McCarthy say the water problem in Flint will be solved?

4. Explain how lead got into Flint’s drinking water.

5. According to law professor Peter Henning, why is it likely that no one will face a criminal charge in the water fiasco?

6. From para. 12-13:

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, said aid to Flint must not add to U.S. budget deficits for "what is a local and state problem."

U.S. Representative Candice Miller, a Michigan Republican, proposed an emergency bill to provide $1 billion in funds to be used to replace Flint's water pipes.

a) Flint’s drinking water system must be replaced as soon as possible. Who do you think is responsible to pay to replace the entire water system in Flint: the city, the state, or the federal government? Explain your answer.
b) Ask a parent the same question.

7. This is a complicated story. Many put the blame on Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who has repeatedly apologized for the state’s poor handling of the matter. Read the “Background” below. What responsibility, if any, do you think the following have in this crisis?

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