Tuesday’s World #3 – DUBAI

Tuesday's World Events - January 23, 2018


1. For UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) – Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates (see “Background” below for more info), give the following information:

  1. capital
  2. location/the countries that share its borders
  3. the religious breakdown of the population
  4. the type of government
  5. the chief of state (and head of government if different) If monarch or dictator, since what date has he/she ruled? – include name of heir apparent for monarch
  6. the population

Find the answers at the CIA World FactBook website. For each country, answers can be found under the “Geography” “People” and “Government” headings.

NOTE: Before answering the questions below, read the info under “Background” and watch the videos under “Resources.”

2. For DUBAI:
a) list the who, what, where and when of the news item
b) What is the government’s plan for the Dubai Frame?
c) Describe the controversy over the design.
d) From the article: “The Dubai Frame website currently credits Mr. Donis with the design, but CNN requests for comment from the municipality on the architect's claims went unanswered.” What is your reaction to this?
e) How would you characterize Dubai’s billionaire rulers’ decision to credit but not compensate Mr. Donis?