The High Cost of Not Counting the Cost

Tuesday's World Events - September 8, 2009


1. a) How much will the budget deficit add to the national debt over the next 10 years?
b) How much of an increase is this from the Obama administration's previous estimate?

2. How much will the U.S. government be paying in interest per year on the national debt by 2019?

3. What is the problem with President Obama's plan to raise billions of dollars from the selling of emissions permits under a cap-and-trade law?

4. How could the budget deficit harm our economy?

5. How has the new, higher budget deficit estimate emboldened opponents of President Obama's healthcare plan?

6. Regardless of whether you support the President's healthcare plan or not, do you think that congress should approve any bill that would increase our national debt another trillion dollars? Explain your answer.

7. What responsibility do our elected officials (President and Congress) have to balance the budget and try to lower our country's debt? Be specific.