Supreme Court Pick

Tuesday's World Events - June 2, 2009


1.  Who is Sonia Sotomayor? (What do you learn about her background from this article?) (See. para. 2, 13, 15-16)

2.  What is the main reason that conservatives do not approve of Judge Sotomayor's nomination?

3.  What examples do critics give for opposing Judge Sotomayor's nomination? (see paragraphs 6-7, 10)

4.  How did Clinton appointee Judge Jose Cabranes react to Judge Sotomayor's decision in the New Haven firefighters' case?

5.  From para. 9 "Groups like the Judicial Confirmation Network have argued that what [President] Obama has often called 'empathy' in his public remarks regarding his ideal justice flies in the face of the image of a blind judge impartially using the laws - not personal feelings - to hand down decisions."
Why is it important for judges to make decisions impartially, based solely on the law?

6.  What qualifications should a judge have, in your opinion?  Explain your answer.

7.  The judicial branch usually has the final say on such issues as religious liberties, abortion, gay marriage, gun laws, pornography, and the fate of suspected terrorists in the ongoing war on terror. What decisions might judges appointed by President Obama make on these types of issues?

8.  In order to form your own opinion on this issue, you must understand what the controversy over the nomination of Federal judges is all about.  Read the following three paragraphs that explain the difference in the opposing views on the role of a judge, as well as the "Background" below the questions:

Think about the role of a judge. Do you support the nomination of activist judges? Explain your answer.