Subtract and Divide

Tuesday's World Events - September 9, 2008


1. a) What does E Pluribus Unum mean?
b) How does the Bradley Project report suggest this belief is changing in America?

2. What have recent studies shown about American students' understanding of our government?

3. a) What negative facts do many students learn in school about American history?
b) What does writer Marvin Olasky say is the result of such teaching?
c) What additional facts does the writer recommend students be taught in order to receive a balanced perspective of American history?

4. For what reason does the Bradley Project recommend that "schools should not slight their civic mission by giving students the impression that America's failures are more noteworthy than America's achievements. They should begin with the study of America's great ideals, heroes, and achievements, so that its struggles can be put in perspective."

5. a) The Bradley report concludes that high-school graduates have either no knowledge or a distorted knowledge of American history. What reasons are given to explain this assertion?
b) What solution is offered in the report for this problem?

6. a) What did the Bradley-commissioned Harris Poll discover?
b) What information on this subject did a Yankelovich survey add?

7. a) What is your experience with American History classes and textbooks?  Are the assertions made in the Bradley Report true for your school?
b) Do you think this is true for most public schools?
Explain your answers.