Second Opinions

Tuesday's World Events - August 26, 2008


1. On what aspect of health care do Senators Obama and McCain agree?

2. On what aspect of health care do Senators Obama and McCain strongly differ?

3. What main question do voters need to ask themselves when deciding which candidate's plan is most in line with their own? (See para. 6)

4. a) What is Senator Obama's goal for health insurance? (See para. 7)
b) How does he plan to achieve this goal?

5. a) Define mandate.
b) What mandate would Sen. Obama's plan put on all employers?
c) Why are some small business owners worried about this idea?

6. a) How much would Sen. Obama's proposed health insurance plan cost per year?
b) Where does he propose to get the money to pay for it?
c) What is the main problem with this? (See para. 13)

7. a) What is Senator McCain's goal for health insurance? (See para. 15)
b) Why does Sen. McCain oppose mandating coverage or creating a government operated health-care system?
c) What type of plan does Sen. McCain favor?

8. What would be the biggest change in the American health insurance system if Sen. McCain were to implement his plan? Be specific.

9. How does Sen. McCain say that medical insurance costs will decrease under his plan?

10. In addition to Sen. McCain, who else supports moving away from employer-based coverage?

11. What is the biggest problem with Sen. McCain's health insurance plan, according to Michael Tanner (of the Cato Institute)?

12. Discuss this article with a parent. Do you support Sen. Obama's government-run health care proposal or Sen. McCain's market-based approach? Explain your answer. Which plan do you think is more practical?