Pro-Abort Policy

Tuesday's World Events - January 27, 2009


NOTE: Read the "Background" below before answering the questions.

1. President Obama signed an order last week that reversed the Mexico City Policy. What did the Mexico City Policy prohibit foreign organizations that receive U.S. funding from doing?

2. a) Define mandates as used in para. 3.
b) How could the repeal of the Hyde Amendment affect private employers and also taxpayers?

3. How do pro-abortion groups view the Mexico City Policy?

4. How do pro-abortion leader Tod Preston and pro-life leader Doug Johnson differ in their view of how President Obama's repeal of the Mexico City Policy will affect Third World women?

5. What 3 facts did Rep. Donald Manzullo get the former director of Planned Parenthood in Ghana to acknowledge about the Mexico City Policy during congressional hearings in 2007?

6. What do you think about Ms. Nerquaye-Tetteh's assertion that African women are having "too many children?" Be specific. (from para. 9)

7. Do you support the use of U.S. tax dollars to promote abortion as part of family planning in Third World countries? Explain your answer. Ask a parent the same question.