Olympic Opportunity

Tuesday's World Events - November 20, 2007


1.  How do human rights and political rights groups hope to use the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

2.  What is SFT?

3.  Why did members of SFT set up a giant banner on the Great Wall of China?

4.  How did Chinese authorities react to SFT's activities?

5.  What complaint did activists from Dream for Darfur make against the Chinese government?

6.  What did the Save Darfur Coalition ask the Chinese government to do regarding Darfur?

7.  How did the Chinese Embassy official in Washington react to Save Darfur's request?

8.  What impact does China expert Joseph Grieboski believe the advocacy groups will have with the Chinese government in their efforts to persuade them to reform?

9.  What difference does Mr. Grieboski think advocacy groups will make among Olympic athletes from around the world?

10. China's communist leadership hopes the 2008 Olympics will boost its legitimacy at home and its image abroad.  It appears determined to crackdown on human, political and religious rights groups during the Olympics.  In the coming months, pay attention to news on how China plans to do so.