Minding Africa’s Business

Tuesday's World Events - October 6, 2009


1. a) Who is June Arunga? What did she discover when attempting to promote commerce through telecommunications in Africa?
b) Who is Dambisa Moyo?
c) What common belief do both women share about foreign aid to Africa?

2. What problem does Ms. Moyo have with the West's view of Africa only as a place of war, disease, poverty and corruption?

3. What does Ms. Arunga see as the biggest problem facing the African continent?

4. What do you think of the potential investor who asked 'Do [Africans] have cell phones? and Who do they call?'
Why do you think she hold this view?

5. How can Ms. Arunga's plan for mobile phones help Africans?

6. How has the culture of foreign aid begun 60 years ago affected Africa's population economically?

7. According to William Duggan of Colombia Business School, how have celebrities hurt Africa with their calls for 'more aid'?

8. Consider the following ideas below that were presented in this article. How has this information affected the way you view aid to Africa? Explain your answer.