Mexico: recovery efforts are not over

Tuesday's World Events - September 26, 2017


NOTE: This week’s World Events article is a human interest news story. Human interest stories differ from the regular news – they are sometimes referred to as “the story behind the story.“ The major news articles of the day tell of important happenings. Human interest stories tell of how those happenings have impacted the people or places around the story.

1. List the following information for Mexico: (see the CIA World FactBook website for answers)
a) capital:
b) location/the countries that share its borders:
c) the religious breakdown of the population:
d) the type of government:
e) the chief of state (and head of government if different):
f) the population:

2. Answer the following:
a) How many people died following the September 19 earthquake in Mexico?
b) How many buildings collapsed after the earthquake?
c) What is the assessment on the buildings that have been inspected after the earthquake?
d) What is the problem with the schools in Mexico City?

3. Why are employees at several buildings around the city refusing to go to work?

4. a) Why have relatives of those not yet rescued/recovered from several buildings around the city obtained court injunctions preventing authorities from using backhoes or bulldozers to remove rubble?
b) What concern does the father of 27-year-old Angel Javier Saucedo, who worked in a collapsed seven-story office building have?
c) Why is the work of the recovery teams going so slowly?

5. Why have searches at other buildings closed down in recent days?