Japan planning possible mass evacuation of citizens from South Korea

Tuesday's World Events - September 19, 2017


1. List the following information for Japan: (see the CIA World FactBook website for answers)
a) capital:
b) location/the countries that share its borders:
c) the religious breakdown of the population:
d) the type of government:
e) the chief of state (and head of government if different):
f) the population:

2. List the who, what, where and when of this news item.

3. How will the government get Japanese citizens home should hostilities break out between North and South Korea?

4. a) What has the South Korean government agreed to do should attacks by North Korea force the airports to close?
b) What is Tokyo asking the U.S. to do in the case of airport closures?

5. a) What danger would Japan face should 60,000 citizens evacuate South Korea and return to Japan?
b) What does the Japanese government plan to do to address this potential problem?

6. How would the Japanese government notify the world that a U.S. military strike on North Korea is imminent?

7. Some people say North Korea will never attack us or our allies. Others say Kim Jong Un is a madman and will attack as soon as he has the capability. No one wants war. The Trump administration has persuaded the UN Security Council to impose economic sanctions on North Korea, and says they are working, but there are still countries that trade with NK despite the fact that all UN members must abide by the sanctions.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week that the U.S. strategy is to pursue a “peaceful pressure campaign.” He also said,
“If our diplomatic efforts fail, though, our military option will be the only one left. But be clear: we seek a peaceful solution to this.”
Ask a parent: What do you think the Trump administration should do? Should they put more pressure on China and Russia? Do more at the UN? If so, what? Please explain your answer.