Homer’s Odyssey

Tuesday's World Events - June 7, 2005


1.  What is the main idea of this article?

2.  How did the early seasons of the Simpsons differ from the current show? (para. #'s 6-7)

3.  What point does Mark Pinsky make about religion, TV shows and the Simpsons?  Why do you think religion is invisible on most TV shows?  Should religious belief be evident in TV characters?  Explain your answer.

4.  Why did the classical thinkers believe that comedy was among the most moral of art forms? (para. #10)

5.  What is Homer supposed to make us want to be according to Mr. Veith?  Does he achieve that goal, or do most people find affirmation for their own vices in Homer's lack of integrity? Explain your answer.

6.  How is satire an effective way of addressing the evils of society? (para. #12)

7.  What does the Itchy and Scratchy Show satirize?  What did the episode with the man imprisoned for displaying a nativity scene on public property satirize?

8.  Do you think the Simpsons respects sincere Christianity?

9.  What does one need to understand to appreciate satire?  (See below for definitions of satire taken from the web.)

10.  Do you agree with Mr. Veith that the show has 'a moral core'?  Should TV shows have moral cores?  Explain your answers.