High-Risk Picks

Tuesday's World Events - May 12, 2009


1. Which four NFL teams made first-round draft picks of players who have reputations of questionable character?

2. With what trouble has each of these players been involved?

3. Which coaches overlooked the questionable characters of good athletes? What was the outcome for each?

4. Name an athlete of outstanding character that you admire. How important is the personal integrity of an athlete to you? Explain your answer.

5. Should there be a character or integrity requirement for college and/or professional athletes? Explain your answer.
Should any character requirement not apply to superstar athletes? Explain your answer.
(NOTE: This does not refer to athletes who made mistakes in the past, took responsibility for them, and appear to be moving forward.)

6. Bad behavior/questionable character is overlooked in some sports more than others. Does this affect which sports you watch? Explain your answer.